Is The Vegan Diet Boring?

The Vegan diet does not have to be boring. For every regular animal product there is a vegetable alternative. Most people are not Vegan and therefore they just do not know where to get the alternative food to support their Vegan diet. With just a little effort and some quick research studying some of the Vegan forums you will find all the information you need to make your Vegan adventure a smooth one.
Is the vegan diet boring?
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Our supermarkets are full of products but almost none of them are Vegan or healthy for us, especially when we look at the snack, bakery and frozen sections. Most people know about this and yet it is so easy to just go there and grab a ready meal because we are lazy.

As explained in my previous article, we are what we eat. If we eat lazy animals, products that do not require us to do any cooking or growing then we will be lazy too.

When you start on your Vegan adventure it is really hard because all you see is

no everywhere. Every time you pick up a product you instantly notice that even the healthiest products all have milk and eggs in them.

Sometimes you will find that nuts will have milk in them and that does not make any sense at all! It feels like companies are just adding milk and eggs to every product or it is simply the case of cutting costs and laziness whereby they are producing their products on machines that were not cleaned well and that also product products that contain those items.

It is fair to say that when going Vegan it is much easier to just go to your local store and

avoid the bakery, frozen and snack areas. Just save yourself some time and frustration by just going straight to the fresh produce section and buy a bunch of vegetables, nuts, fruits and Tofu.

By doing so you will automatically skip the frustrating part. There are only a few sauces or vegan substitutes out there for cookies, mustard, cheese, milk etc. so once you know where they are it is easy to buy those.

Many people out there will tell you that being Vegan is boring but it is not. If you lack imagination and creativity when cooking then yes, you will get bored of Vegan cooking. The same can also be said for any other diet.

It really depends on who you are and how willing you are to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Eating Vegan food is easy and interesting if you are willing to put in the effort.

If you are lazy then it is best to stick to a different diet where you can blindly go to any store and just pick up anything from any section and eat it.

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  • angelite9  14-04-2017
    Vegetarian food is healthier and easy on the stomach than non-veg food. Non-veg will no longer be considered elegant. In reality it is a poor man's food, despite the expense. After all you are feeding on the dead bodies of animals and birds. These are called dead foods. Health and energy is in live foods that grow and ripen in the sun.
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    • miaomiao  14-04-2017
      Yes but most people are not ready for this kind of way of thinking. They are still asleep and living in the animistic way. They may need a few more life cycles before they can awaken to understanding that. If they are not ready you can't push them. Some people do not even believe in Karma or the negative affects of eating and killing other animals. Fact is that their bodies are not even affected by it and that's ok. Live and let live. Those however who have the calling to be Vegan or who have no choice but to go Vegan because they have food allergies need to stay on the diet to alleviate their sufferance.
  • tumbou  14-04-2017
    Well, being a vegetarian has a lot more added benefits specially when you are coming from a Muslim background and can only have halal on the table specially when traveling to China, Thailand and other countries that have delicious food to offer...
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    • miaomiao  14-04-2017
      Also the Vegan diet is not good for business people who travel a lot as you stated. To be Vegan you need to be in a situation where you can fully control your food and the access you have to it. If you are eating out with business collaborators or clients it is not likely that you will be able to eat at Vegan restaurants so the best you can do is eat Vegetarian since most restaurants will have at least a couple of vegetarian plates on the menu. In a perfect world they would add vegan to the menu but we are not there yet. So I agree the vegetarian diet is the ideal one for travelers and business people.
    • miaomiao  14-04-2017
      Yes when it comes to being a foody the Vegetarian diet allows you to explore more options however the vegetarian diet is more loose and therefore not as healthy for the body and spirit. Having said that not everyone is suited for the Vegan diet. Some people have to be on a Vegan diet because of health issues and other need it to help diminish Karma from past lives. If you are happy on a Vegetarian diet and are in good health there is no reason to change to a Vegan one.
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