What To Expect When Starting Your Vegan Diet

Let us discuss the guidelines to follow when becoming vegetarian.
What to expect when starting your Vegan diet
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Everyone is a little different but if you follow these guidelines one should experience similar results.

1. For your first month stay on your current diet but remove red meat.

2. During your second month remove white meat from your diet and begin experimenting with adding vegetable protein to your diet.

3. This is the month that will make you or break you as you will have to remove fish from your diet as well. From here on forward most of your protein will be coming from vegetables.

4. Now that you are on a Vegetarian diet you are ready to take the next

leap into becoming a true Vegan. You will have to give up eggs and dairy products, fizzy drinks, deserts, lard etc... that contain animal products or chemicals extracted from animals.

To be a real Vegan one must remove all products extracted from animals and make sure to drink clean filtered water or bottled water from reliable companies to avoid ingesting some of the pharmaceutical or biological waste that may exist in your tap water.

Once you are Vegan then you need to stay on the diet for at least 6 months to truly see the benefits. Chances are that if you make it this far you will never feel the need to go back to your previous diet.

Everyone is a little different but I went from weighing over 70 kilos to 56 kilos and then slowly went back up to 58 where my weight has now stabilized. On a Vegan diet when you work out you are going to keep

putting on muscle or toning it as you are putting in just enough fat to lubricate your joints and intestine without storing it in excess.

The important difference is not really about the weight loss but how the vegan diet is able to convert your fat into pure muscle. It also makes one feel happier because when I was on all my other diets I felt like a pear shaped human being was looking back at me in the mirror no matter how hard I tried to firm up my muscles.

All that bad information out there stating that if you go Vegan you will just shrink into nothingness and that you will look like a weak stick figure is false so long as one is sure to eat plenty of vegetable protein.

Sure if you make the mistake of becoming what is called a Raw Vegan whereby you only eat home grown vegetables and often times do not eat nuts, grain or tofu and other high protein vegetable foods then yes you will shrink into nothingness and will get ill but that is not the diet I recommend.

The diet I speak of relies heavily on vegetable protein and a good balance of all nutrients. Remember that for every important element or nutrient you acquire from ingesting animal products there is a vegetable based alternative that more often then not is healthier for your body.

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  • sweta  27-04-2017
    many people want to become vegan by their choice but few of them convert into vegan reason being they can not digest the animal protein. There are some people who chould not consume animal derived food products such as milk, eggs, fish, meat, curd etc. and therefore adopt vegan diet. It may be a good option for people who want to lose weight as per the article. But people have to take care of the sufficient intake of protein and good fats.
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    • miaomiao  28-04-2017
      Yes exactly! If you go Vegan without eating plenty of plant protein and fat the body will fall apart... People used to think that removing all fat from the body is a good idea but it is not it is like taking out the oil from your car. When you remove all the oil all the metal parts start grinding against each other. Some vegetable fat is needed to live healthy. Also without protein your muscle fibers and other organs also begin falling apart because we are machines that constantly need to reproduce new cells in order to live. If you go on a Raw Vegan diet without eating protein of any kind then you start getting horrible head aches, pains in your muscles and much more... the effects sometime are slow because if you started as a meat eater before you get to that point the body uses up all the current fat stored.
  • alakananda  11-04-2017
    It takes time to fully transform your life around vegan food. Initially, you have to do a lot while checking the labels and googling the ingredients. It's safest to avoid processes stuff that you can easily prepare at home like spreads and puries. It feels fantastic being pure vegan
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    • miaomiao  11-04-2017
      How long have you been Vegan? What have been your favorite experiences?
    • miaomiao  11-04-2017
      Yes it truly does feel amazing! I have only been on the diet for almost a year and it has reversed so many of my physical problems. I know that it takes longer to fully rid the system of all impurities but I am just taking one step at a time.
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