Vegan Diet Real Fake How To Avoid Problems Part 1

There is a lot of miss information regarding what the Vegan diet is and what food you should eat in order to be Vegan. Lots of people get confused between Vegan and vegetarian and the two diets can be close in some ways but in others are nothing alike. This short article should help explain what the Vegan diet is about and what to expect should one choose it.
Vegan Diet Real Fake How To Avoid Problems Part 1
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Not everyone is the same. Some people decide to go Vegan for Religious reasons others because they think they can save the planet, others to stop the cruelty against animals, others because they think it is a new age fad and finally some choose it because it is healthy and suits their lifestyle.

There are a lot of bogus wifes tales souroundng Vegans and veganism. Some people say that all Vegan diets are dangerous but that can be said just about every other diet when taken to the extreme.

I for one have tried a multitude of different diets, some more extreme

than others including fasting and have noticed that eating just meat for example without eating anything else can be really dangerous and lead to bad health conditions.

In order for the Vegan diet to be effective you can't stray from it at all. Part of the reason for this is that once you become animal fat free for over six months eating animal fat can cause you to get sick. Of course not everyone is the same. Some people may not have experienced any issues when eating a piece of fish that accidentally ended up in their Vegan dish or piece of chicken but I did.

In some cases I experienced flu like symptoms and other times it was just a more mild stomache ache but it is worth mentioning that for some people once they become Vegan they generally should not go back to a meat or an omnivorous type diet.


people will tell you that being Vegan is like being a herbivore and that Vegan food tastes awful. Both of these are false. The Vegan restaurants and the food they cook only depends on how well the cooks do their job. When Veganism was new there were just less chefs out there making food, so the quality of the restaurants weren't that good.

Vegans are not herbivores! Vegans eat all types of vegetables and for each type of nutrient you need from a meat type diet, you can get the equivalemnt from a plant if you know what you are doing.

Like in every other diet if you do not get enough protein or carbs etc... your body will decay or you will start getting sick in some way. The same holds true for the Vegan diet. That is why many people who go Vegan decide to take supplements to ensure they do not get ill.

The human body has changed over time and probably would not be able to handle just eating leaves like some turtles or cows do, especially when human beings live very complex lifestyles that require us to both work hard with our body and intellect.

Turtles and Cows have a very easy lifestlye which is mostly care free and lazy so they are able to live off just herbs.

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