The Vegan Diet Can Be Dangerous Same As Every Other Diet

Just like every diet the Vegan one can be dangerous for you. If you have certain physical requirements or allergies this diet may have to be modified in order for you to be safe. Always check with your doctor and do lot of research before starting any new diet. Just because the Vegan diet works great for me does not mean it will work for you. Please do not dive in unless you read all my other articles first.

Before you try the Vegan diet make sure you check with your doctor if it is the right thing for you. If you have diabetes, allergies to nuts, soy and wheat etc. you will have to take other supplements like vitamin B12. You may also have to get your vegetable proteins by other means like adding powder or tablet proteins from Costco or other stores.

Going Vegan does not require you to take any medication and supplements you will need will be readily available to you over the counter. Beware of protein products that are soldt over the counter as they may be harmful

to you or contain chemicals that require a prescription to obtain. When you need a prescription to use medication usually that means that the chemicals you are going to use could be harmful and therefore may only be prescribed to you by a doctor.

The Vegan diet on the other hand is solely comprised of natural elements. Whether you are eating vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, eating deserts or drinking you need to make sure you are having all natural ingredients. If you are not eating natural ingredients coming from plant life then you are on a different diet. You also therefore cannot go around saying you are Vegan or on a Vegan diet.

The Vegan diet is not for everyone but it is well suited for people who farm their own land or who are full time home makers especially men.

When you are constantly working on something like, driving, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, in the yard, shopping, plumbing, fixing electrical issues and taking care of children, that leaves very little time to work out.

On any other diet when you are a full time home maker you will have to hit the gym or run around like crazy in your neighborhood to keep your fat levels low but not on a Vegan Diet. In fact the Vegan diet is the only diet that allows you to do virtually no exercise and look healthy as well as not feel tired all the time.

On a Vegan diet you can obtain the Patrick Swayze body type look quite easily. If on the other hand you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger than the Vegan diet will not be enough to supplement that kind of muscle structure. Having said that if you are a body builder or work a job that requires heavy lifting you will have to take supplements and perhaps even steroids to keep up that kind of body mass even on a meat diet.

Always remember to think things through before getting into something like a new diet. Make sure you know what you want and consult your doctor and people you trust before diving in.

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  • biju  14-04-2017
    Vegan is totally animal-free diet,means no-meat-eggs-or-dairy products. Good article
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    • miaomiao  14-04-2017
      Thanks! I tried to be as accurate as possible since I noticed there are a lot of people out there claiming they are Vegan but really they don't even meat the minimum requirements to be Vegetarian as they are still eating Fish, eggs and dairy. It is really hard to find good reliable forms of information and when it comes to certain subjects books from the library just have outdated content.
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