Pros And Cons Of Being Vegan. Is It Really For Everyone?

Some people use the word Vegan very loosely and they adopt a diet that is similar to the vegan one however they still eat fish, eggs, milk, drink fizzy drinks or other deserts with animal extracted chemicals within. That is not the real vegan diet and if you are like me whereby animal products have negative effects on your body this kind of half baked diet is not going to work.
Pros and Cons of Being Vegan. Is it really for everyone?
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The real vegan diet is really hard work for most people. Every time you go to the store or restaurant you have to be carefully at the ingredient list. If you are like me who gets ill when eating animal products especially animal fat then you need to be extra careful when shopping.

Most people do not know that fizzy drinks, certain deserts, diet drinks even choccolate may contain animal lard or animal extracted chemicals. Now if your body is not affected by it then no harm no foul but a lot of people who try the vegan diet and go

for the half baked version need to quit because they get ill.

Before you get into this diet make sure you can keep up with it's stringent guidelines. Also try not to fall into the trap of just eating vegetables without checking if you are getting enough vegetable protein and other nutrients or you will get horrible headaches and feel very tired especially if you are a man with a relatively large muscular build.

The vegan diet is definitely not for everyone. It takes hard work, great amounts of study and discipline to stay on it. Having said that there are lots of benifits of doing it if you are doing it the right way.

The vegan diet can decrease your overall fat level and turn them into muscle without having to go running every day or working out at the gym doing weight training or the treadmill. After you reach a certain age, 30 for most people your body no longer burns fat the way it used to so the vegan diet allows you to burn fat or reduce the amount of fat you are putting inside your body.

The vegan diet is not a miracle cure but I

have noticed that since I have started it I do not get ill as often as I did on other diets. I suffered from a terrible cough for many years, it got so bad that now that it is gone for the most part, I will still cough out of habit, not so much because I actually need to.

Animal fat is detrimental for certain bodies. It will wrap around the heart, the spine and many other organs for the body often times causing much discomfort. For those who believe in Chi, animal fat greatly reduces Chi flow within your body as well as the blood flow. One of the discoveries I made is that animal fat is the number one cause, together with vegetable peels to clog your garbage disposal. Knowing that one must wonder what it does to our intestine and it is no wonder that some people find it hard to empty their bowels on a regular basis when eating large quantities of meat.

Do I reccomend the vegan diet? For some people definately! People who suffer from constant tiredness, problems with emptying their bowels or who have fibrmialgia type symptoms or even people who are struggling with aquiring flexibility in their joints. I do not reccomend this diet for people who are constantly on the move because it isn't easy to find restaurants or shops to get vegan food and it is a time consuming process.

Basically if you are not going to take the vegan diet seriously then my reccomendation is to not do it at all. It is far easier to go on a vegetarian diet.

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  • sweta  10-04-2017
    Nice topic! Many people can not digest dairy products such as milk, cream, cheese, paneer etc. and egg. Therefore, those people follow vegan diet whereas for some people it is a lifestyle choice. Now days, veganism is growing and people don't want to take animal derived products. But, onion and garlic are not a part of vegan diet. These are pure vegetables and not derived from animals. Many people avoid onions and garlic for their own reasons and choice such as Jain community; they like to follow the diet free from these vegetables. Thanks for raising awareness for these kind of topics.
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    • miaomiao  10-04-2017
      You are very welcome. I also like to point out that I am not trying to get people to join Veganism or get on the Vegan diet. I did because it made sense for my physical conditions and the diet suits my lifestyle but for some others who for instance have allergies, diabetes to nuts or who have very high cholesterol levels or can't eat tofu for whatever reason may find it hard to get on a Vegan diet. Sure it is still possible but they would need their doctor to provide specific supplements like vitamin B12 and other alternative vegetable protein extracts from spinach or other plants.
  • alakananda  08-04-2017
    To me vegan means keep eggs also out of it. I also prefer keep onion and garlic out of my vegan dishes due to their strong smell which makes them smell like a non-veg dish.
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    • miaomiao  08-04-2017
      You can check out some of the dishes I cook, you will find I do not use eggs, green onions, garlic in them I do however need to use lots of spinach, tofu and other high vegetable protein in there or my body feels tired.
    • miaomiao  08-04-2017
      Yes I agree 100 percent! No eggs. There is something strange about garlic and green onions that makes them very hard to digest. It is very strange how so many restaurants keep putting onions in so many of their dishes and the worst part is that they don't just put one... they put too much in the dishes and it ruins the overall flavor of the dish.
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