Results Of Becoming Vegan For Over 6 Months

After trying the Vegan diet for a while and liking it I decided to make it a permanent life choice due to it's amazing benefits.

After becoming Vegan for over 6 months I began to experience all of the following benefits.

1. Reduced chances of constipation.

2. You are less likely to feel cold because it improves your overall blood flow, circulation and Chi flow for those who do yoga or martial arts.

3. It improves your skin and reduces things like acne.

4. Your body will feel less tight and stiff and you will enjoy an increase in flexibility in your joints.

5. The body will naturally replace fat with muscle especially if you work out regularly and make sure to include lots of vegetable protein at every meal.


It reduces your chance of getting the flu, not because it is a miracle cure but because your body spends less time focussing on digesting food and dedicating itself to fighting hormones and antibiotics you would ingest from eating animal products from farms who have no choice but to use those to keep their live stock from getting ill.

7. Stops you from getting heart burn.

8. Reduces your chances of getting kidney stones.

9. If you get anemic like symptoms like feeling tired all the time then the Vegan diet really helps relieve those symptoms.

10. The Vegan diet also helps a lot with Fibromyalgia symptoms where you feel like your body is in pain in many areas of the body and you just can't get it to stop.

These types of symptoms may, in fact, be related or caused because your particular body is, in fact, allergic to animal fat and

products. Although it may be a mild type of allergy that won't kill you in a day it most definitely causes a lot of discomforts so perhaps trying the Vegan diet may help you alleviate or in some cases cure your Fibromyalgia.

What are the negative side effects of being Vegan?

1. You will get a heightened sense of smell, a common side effect of pregnancy, or cancer patients where you will feel quite ill whenever you smell meat or fish or other dead animals.

2. You will find it hard to order out as most dishes served at restaurants will have some kind of non-Vegan element to them so eating out will require more thought.

3. Should you ingest animal products after your 6th month of being 100 percent Vegan there is a good chance you will get ill with stomach pain or perhaps may end up vomiting. Other side effects may include you feeling poisoned and having to bed rest for a day or so to recover from eating meat that ended up in your dish accidentally.

As you can see for people who have some form of allergy towards animal products be it that they are lactose intolerant or allergic to animal fat there are more benefits to becoming Vegan than cons.

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